Digital Payments FAQ

We've created the digital payments feature in Agree as a way to save you and your client's time, and streamline the payment process so you can focus on serving your client well. 

To do this we partner with WePay, an industry leading payment processor with Level 1 PCI Compliance to ensure security. We also offer incredibly low processing rates for our Free Plan, with even better rates for our Standard and Premium plans. 

We've worked hard to make the process of setting up your Merchant Profile as simple as possible, to begin simply select the Finances Icon in your Dashboard. If you have any questions about the process please checkout our FAQ here and let us know if there's anything we didn't answer.


Q: Can my client’s pay me with their credit/debit cards through’s digital payments?

A: Yes! We accept all major credit/debit cards.


Q: How do my client’s make an initial payment through

A: Your client’s card will be automatically charged the initial payment amount the moment they sign the contract.


Q: How do I collect the final payment from my client through

A: will automatically charge your client’s card the final payment amount on the “final payment due date” agreed upon in your contract. Your client won’t have to do anything to make the final payment, and you won't have to hunt them down for missed payments. We also will email them a reminder 5 days before the final payment is due. 


Q: How do I know when my client has paid me?

A: will send both you and your client an email notification stating that the client has made a payment for both the initial and final payment amounts. Our Finances Section on your dashboard also allows you to keep track of all past, pending, and future payments. Our iOS app will also give you instant notifications anytime a payment is made.


Q: Do I have to “cash out” the money my client’s pay me through

A: No! directly deposits the money directly into your bank account.


Q: How long does it take for the money to appear in my bank account?

A: sends the money to your bank account automatically. This usually takes about 2-5 business days for the money to appear in your account (not counting weekends or holidays).


Q: Are there any processing fees?

A: Yes. Every digital transaction is subject to a processing fee. Our Premium Plan has a rate of 2.7% + $0.30, our Standard Plan a rate of 2.8% + $0.30, and Free Plan a rate of 2.9% + $0.30.


Q: Can my client make a final payment early?

A: Yes. Your client can choose to pay their final payment early. To do this they'll simply need to login to their contract with their 4 digit PIN, they then can select 'Payment Options' to move up their final payment date.


Q: Can my client use a different credit card for the final payment?

A: Yes. By logging in to their contract with their 4 digit PIN, your client can select 'Payment Options' to change or update their card details.


Q: Can I cancel a final payment?

A: Yes. When viewing a contract from your Dashboard you can choose to 'Make an Amendment' and then select 'Cancel Final Payment'. Canceling a final payment will also send a notification to your client letting them know that the final payment has been canceled.


Q: What happens if my client's payment fails?

A: If a scheduled payment fails, we'll send an email to you and your client letting you know. That email will include a link that your client can use to update their card. We also will retry the payment for you for 7 days. 


If you have any other questions about Digital Payments please let us know, we'd be happy to help!

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  • I am loving this so far ! So easy and professional. Best part is the "no hunting down" part of this .  Can not wait until all the new features are in place will be following up close and I am becoming a founder! 

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  • I really wish that with the launch of this "feature" that you would also include access to seeing the info through your site. I have no way of knowing what transactions have happened through your site. Along with other "features" this is very frustrating. 

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  • Hey Steve Walter!

    I know we already spoke about this over the live chat, but I think a lot of people will benefit from the answer. As of now, the primary way you will be notified when a client makes a payment is via confirmation emails the moment their payments have been made containing the client's name and payment amount. What we're excited to implement in the future will be our "Finances" page. In our Finances page, you will be able to see/track all past, pending, and future payments in one place on your dashboard!

    In the mean time, once you receive the confirmation email stating your client has paid you, you can expect to see that money directly deposited into your bank account after 2 business days!

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  • This is fantastic. I am wondering if we can make an adjustment in the code to allow us (the photographer/professional) to only take the initial payment with the submission of the contract and allow the remainder of the amount to be paid otherwise (not automatic). Many of my clients want to pay with cash or check the day of the session and I allow that... They also will not be happy about paying the fee for the full amount rather than the initial payment and I dont really want to give up my profit to make the difference. Thanks! 

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  • Alex Williams It's difficult at this point to track and manage payments. I just sent out about a dozen contracts within a few days. When I go to the dashboard it will show if a contract is signed, but not paid. Then I check my email to see that in fact, some are paid. But them when I check my bank statement, there's no indication of which payment is associated with which contract. From an accounting standpoint this is not good. At this point, I have to guess which payment is associated with each contract because not all of the dates and times match. So far, not very efficient. PLEASE add this soon. It should have been added as soon as accepting payments was available. As a founder, I really feel like I'm paying to be a beta tester.

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  • Hey Taylor Daubenberger!

    Great question and feature request! We are looking into the possibility of being able to take payments digitally for one payment and physically for another payment, but that has not been decided upon yet. Would you say the processing fee is the main reason why you OR your client wouldn't want to make the final payment digitally?

    Hey Steve Walter!

    I know we addressed this this already via the live chat, but I wanted to post it here for the Community to see as well!

    We will be adding "Paid" as a contract status in the future. Currently, "signed" is the final status that will be shown on a contract within your dashboard.

    Fortunately for you, you have many contracts that you send out (along with many payments as well!). The unfortunate side is that you will receive a lot of emails notifying you when your client pays you. Many of our users send 2-3 contracts our per month, so when they receive the payment notifications, they are easily able to identify who paid them. In your situation, I can understand the difficulty from getting many so many emails! 

    We are looking forward to releasing the Finances feature in the future which will allow you to track all past, pending, and future payments. This will definitely help keep everything organized for you. Thanks for being patient as we continue to make better!

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  • Can a client pay the remaining balance early if they log onto their contract?  I have a client that wants to pay in full now and her payment isn't due until October.  I would love to help her do this.  

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  • Hey Candi Leonard! I know we already chatted earlier, but I wanted to respond on here too! We're looking into adding that capability for you on your dashboard. For now, if you need the final payment date moved up, you can reach out to Customer Support and we can do that manually from our end. Take note that we will need your client's approval as well. Hope this helps!

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  • Can I cancel the remainder if the session gets cancelled?

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  • Hi Hannah Brown!

    Great question! I know we already spoke over live chat, but I wanted to answer this here as well so others can see. For future contracts, it would be best to assume that your client's final payment will be automatically charged on the final payment due date. We updated the language on our site a while ago to make this even more clear to both you (when you're selecting digital payments as a method) AND your client (when they are signing the contract).

    In cases where a final payment absolutely needs to be cancelled, reach out to us via live chat and we can help!

    Thanks for asking! 

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  • Since digital payments are now available, I already have a contract that's already signed and my client wants to pay with a card. How can I allow them to pay with a card without creating a new contract?

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  • Hey Tanialee - Great question and I think we can unsign the contract and turn digital payments on for you in our admin and Joey Farbstein will be able to confirm that and help you with it. 

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  • Sooooo Hi! Happy Friday! I'm a tad freaked out! started using digital payments. Client signed and paid last Saturday and I haven't seen the payment and I have 1 other paid and one that's going to pay tonight. I double check bank info and its correct. someone please put my mind at ease :)

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  • Lisa Gallagher Hi Lisa!  I am looking into it right now!

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  • I am still unable to use the digital payments feature, when will this issue be resolved?  

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  • Good morning, Rachel Morrison,

    I'm so sorry for the delay. Our team is looking into this right now and I will be getting in touch with you later with an update. Thank you for your patience. 

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  • Hi Alex Williams - will Agree be integrating PayPal as a payment option in the near future? Many of my clients are used to paying via PayPal, so thought I'd ask.

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  • Hi Rosa Delgado!

    Great question. We don't plan on integrating with PayPal, but we will be making some big updates to digital payments over the next few months. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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  • I can't seem to find where it says what the processing fee is to use Agree's digital payments, can you let me know what it is?

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  • Hi  Allison Sullivan !  The processing fee for digital payments is the standard 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.  This is a common rate that most major processing companies use (like Stripe, PayPal, Square).  Hope that helps!

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  • My account says that online payments aren't available for me yet,  how do I know when this will be available? 

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  • Hey Ashlynn Escobar!

    I just responded to your message via our chat feature! We got you all set up! Excited for you to use the digital payments feature.

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  • Any update on My finances page/feature? I feel lost when I have to follow up on payments because they are taking anywhere from 2days to a week. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It makes me nervous not knowing where my money is or why it takes longer than others? Thanks for any input :)

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  • Lisa Gallagher I know I responded to your message on our chat feature, but wanted to address it here as well!

    I don't have a timeline for the Finances feature right now, but if you ever have any specific questions about a payment, please right into our chat feature and we can look into it for you!

    Our team was out of the office Thurs/Fri at a conference so some payments were delayed. This will not be a regular occurrence. Payments should be funded today. 

    I apologize for the delay here. Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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  • Hi Guys,

    When will the finance feature return to our pages?

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We are continuing to release the features you've been requesting. Here are a few of our latest:

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